August 19, 2014


Watch Haim, A$AP Ferg and Kesha Hit A Sleazy Talk Show For "My Song 5"

Admit it: you've spent a sick day or few catching up on Jerry Springer, Maury, Sally Jesse Raphael and the like. The daytime talk show is an intense (and frequently unintentionally hilarious) staple in American television. HAIM is working this special brand of drama for all it's worth in their new video for "My Song 5"—and they brought some friends along to the TV set!

The Haim sisters are no strangers to comedy: they rocked their SNL performance (complete with awesome '80s keytar solos during a sketch based on "Your Love" by The Outfield) and have swung through Vanessa Bayer's Sound Advice web series, so it's safe to say they're comfortable with poking a little bit o' fun at themselves. 

In "My Song 5," the girls stop by Dallas Murphy, talk about their problems and stay out of the line of fire when talk show guests start swinging. Bayer's back as Dallas Murphy herself, Este reveals that she's got a bit of a mime fetish, Kesha is dating her cat (?!) and ASAP Ferg lays it all out there on the verse he lent to the song's remix. It's zany and chaotic but kind of perfect for the track, so get ready for some '90s TV flashbacks and press play to check out the full video for "My Song 5" above.