August 11, 2014


Jake Miller Talks Math, Eminem, Poetry & Owning Over 1,000 Hats

Jake Miller might have won over the hearts of teen girls everywhere, but he wasn't always the coolest kid in class. "In ninth grade I was in this contest where whoever memorized the most digits of pi won a pi t-shirt," Miller tells Fuse. "At that time I won. I memorized like a hundred digits. I think I still know it. You can google it to make sure I'm not lyring. It's 3.141592653589793238462643383279. That's not a hundred but it's pretty close. It's impressive!" It sure is!

At 22, Miller has been in the hip hop game for most of his youth, and it all began with a childhood fascination with Eminem. "Eminem was one of the first artists I can even remember listening to on my iPod," he says. "He's really the reason that I fell in love with hip hop. Eminem was, I think, the first rapper I was exposed to. I remember as a little kid my dad watched 8 Mile with me and I feel in love with Eminem and his whole movement. It was the whole underdog thing. I could kind of relate to it and that's what really inspired me. I had more than just a musical connection to him. I felt like I had a personal connection to him."

That passion and a school assignment inspired Miller to pursue a career in music. "In highschool, in my English class, that's when I started this whole music journey," he says. "I had this project, actually, where I had to take my poems that I had written in class and turn them into songs. I did it using this very basic production app on my computer called Garage Band. I didn't really know what I was doing, but it was a project, so I had to figure it out. I sort of taught myself how to compose music, how to make beats and stuff like that. It started just as a joke. I'd rap my poems over it, and then suddenly I started doing it in my spare time, writing raps about my friends or about my life. I just started throwing them up on YouTube and I started getting really good comments and responses. I started hearing people whispering around my high school that I'm the one putting all these raps on YouTube, so I just started taking it more and more seriously."

It must have worked, because his fanbase now is loyal—and generous. "Over the past few years my fans have given me over a thousand hats because they know how much I love snapbacks," he grins. "I'm always wearing them. It just became a thing when I was on tour. I'd get on stage, and by the end of the show there would be like, eight or nine hats just laying on stage that people threw up. I have them all hanging in my room from all these different cities and states. It's really cool to see how there are all these different teams and states from all over across the country. It's something I kind of collect to show how many places we've been. They also throw a lot of candy on stage. They throw a lot of Starburst on stage because they know it's my favorite candy. It's going to give me diabetes one day. Maybe they should stop one of these days... but thank you for the candy!"

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