August 4, 2014


Kirko Bangz: "I'm About To Be The Biggest Rapper In The Game"

Kirko Bangz may be a pro when it comes to mix tapes, but the H-Town rapper is getting pumped for the release of his debut album, Bigger Than Me, and he's chomping at the bit to get it out there and into the ears of his fans ASAP! According to Kirk, Bigger Than Me gets real real quick and offers a glimpse into his personality that we've never seen before.

"We actually had it since last November," he tells Fuse's Esteban Serrano. "I put out little mix tapes and little freestyles, but I had these bullets in the chamber, and it was just killin' me! To go back into the verses and what I'm talking about, it just made so much sense, and it's all personal. Everything is personal; everything is real. Some people say it's like putting myself out there, but I just be honest. It's how I started rapping, just talking about my hardships ... so I'm glad I got to do a record like that that's actually on the radio."

"As artists, a lot of the times, I think we got problems because people don't know who we really are," he continues. "So, I feel like that me putting myself out there is opening up more things I can touch on, more things I can talk about."

Despite his grounded approach to the lyrical content of his rhymes, Kirk kept things light in the studio, working with friends and collaborators Ty Dolla $ign, Trey Songz and more. Still, Kirk is keeping it real while his ambitions shoot him sky-high: "I'm going platinum, man!" he laughs. "I'm about to be the biggest rapper in the game. GQ, Forbes, every single magazine cover, every commercial, everything. It's just all about timing."

Indeed! For more on Kirko Bangz's Bigger Than Me, his thoughts on hip hop friendships and his aspirations beyond the record, check out this Fuse exclusive in full.