August 5, 2014


The Airborne Toxic Event Unveil New Songs (And Record News!) at Lollapalooza

The Airborne Toxic Event may have only gotten a few hours of shut-eye in between festival appearances last week, but that didn't stop the Angeleno indie outfit from diving into some new material at Lollapalooza last weekend.

"We had a 5am call, which was very un-rock 'n' roll of us," laughs ATE's Mikel Jollett, recalling when exactly he woke up before heading to Lolla to get ready for their set. "I don't think I've woken up at 5am nearly as often as I've gone to bed at 5am in the past few years."

Sounds about right! Before heading to Chicago, the Airborne Toxic Event announced that they'd be using the megafest as the testing ground for two new songs, "California" and "Dope Machines." It turns out the new songs are more than just a sneak preview, as Jollett then revealed to Fuse's Esteban Serrano that a new ATE record is officially underway.

"We wanted to have a little bit of time to get them right," says Jollett. "We're not trying to make a lot of fanfare about it. We're going to be having a record coming out soon ... that's the first time we've said that, actually! These two songs will be on it and one of them will be the single. We're kind of easing our way into it. We figured, we're out here at Lollapalooza, we may as well play a big song!"

"I think when you play something for someone else, you hear it with different ears," adds Anna Bulbrook, referring to the perks of trying the new songs on for size in front of an audience. "It's kind of like when you get dressed: you're thinking, oh this is a great idea, and then you look in the mirror, and you go, 'Oh that's what THAT looks like!'"

Check out our backstage chat with the Airborne Toxic Event above to hear more about their plans for new music, their packed touring schedule and why Bulbrook is a "titan of the tambourine." And stay tuned for more coverage from Lollapalooza 2014!