August 5, 2014


Cardiknox Recall Meeting While Making a Musical

New York electro-pop duo Cardiknox got their start in a pretty unusual way. Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton met while working on a musical! "It was a concept album that Thomas had released with an old band, and I was helping write the libretto for the book for it," Angle told Fuse. "On the side of working on the musical, we just started to dabble with music and actually get in the studio a little bit, play around. We didn’t get really serious about it until a year ago."

"Once the musical ran its course for a bit, we decided to really put all our effort in Cardiknox," Dutton continued. "And here we are!"

Cardiknox is dedicated to having their music feel vintage. "I just love nostalgic things, things that make you think back to your childhood, the records your dad was playing, the records when you were first starting to discover stuff. That was the time when all of us fell in love with music," Dutton explained. "Having drum sounds that sound like Prince and having guitars that sound like Peter Gabriel, things that make you feel like you’re in Top Gun. We’re all about that."

Angle agrees: "We just wrote a song called 'Into the Night,' where we were like, ‘Literally, this song belongs in a movie at the end when you’re walking away triumphantly.’"

"It feels like the end of Breakfast Club when they’re all walking away like, ‘We’re going to be okay,'" Dutton concluded. 

We can't wait to hear it!

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