August 3, 2014


Don't Expect a Normal Music Video from Joywave Anytime Soon

Rochester musicians Joywave have definitely pushed the boundaries of music video-making, and they don't plan to hold back their creativity in future projects. Sitting down with Fuse at Lollapalooza 2014, the "Tongues" performers explained that the NSFW concept of the single's video was "the greatest idea" they had heard.

"[The video] looked like the chaos that we experienced for several days," vocalist Dan Armbruster said. "You could tell different actors and actresses' comfort with the nudity level because some of them would put on a robe until the next take. And some of them were just...there was this one dude that would not put on anything. He did not care about anything. It was incredible."

Armbruster also explained how a bacon face left quite an impression on him (he "freaked out") during the filming of Joywave's "Dangerous" video with Big Data. "[The video] was made really, really inexpensively. We got good bang for our buck on it, definitely. There was a guy on set that was a low budget, horror special effects guy, and he made a face out of bacon, and [Alan Wilkis'] dog kept trying to eat it. It was horrifying."

But despite their unorthodox video methods, Joywave don't plan to release your standard, everyday music video anytime soon. Their next production just might involve "sh-t falling off the ceiling" and "shredding" to a song that doesn't even feature guitars.

"There'll never be a video where we're singing the song or playing guitars or something. It's stupid. You're just lip syncing, anyway, so you might as well just make something that's entertaining to watch for four minutes."

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