August 2, 2014


Lykke Li Talks Lollapalooza, Drake & Never Looking Back

In this Fuse exclusive, host Esteban Serrano sits down with Swedish weirdo pop icon Lykke Li and talks all things LollapaloozaDrake and being a young musician.

"I remember being so surprised by how groovy it was. I was like, 'Whoa, is this me standing on stage, rocking out?'," Li recalls her first Lolla performance in 2011. "It really was a great show and great audience."

Serrano admits that his first introduction to Li was through Drake's cover of "Little Bit," gunshots and all. "I'm not sure [why people liked it] but what I tried to do with this record was to write songs like they did back in the day," Li explained. "I guess people maybe respond because it's a song and it has a structure and a message. It's pop music in a way that isn't cheesy."

Openness is the name of the game, and for Lykke Li, that means never looking back... especially to her first record! "I think I was a bit too young. I couldn't sing well. I'm glad I did it because it's the way it is. I wouldn't ever listen to it. Or the second one. Or this one! I'm moving on. I never think I'm great enough and I want to be great. It's hard!"

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