August 5, 2014


Shepard Fairey Breaks Down The Similarities Between Art And DJing

Most know Shepard Fairey for his provocative, political street art and his work through OBEY, but the artist (and vinyl fiend!) came to Chicago for Lollapalooza as both a collaborator and a music fan.

Fairey worked alongside Lolla to put on Art Alliance: The Provocateurs, a show that brought visionary creatives together who "challenge convention in one way or another," like the designers and talents behind artwork championed by Radiohead and the Sex Pistols. "They're thinking about art in a way that Bob Marley, The Clash or Public Enemy would use their music to rabble-rouse," Fairey told Fuse's Esteban Serrano of the Art Alliance show. "These are artists who rabble-rouse."

When he wasn't checking in on his festival venture, Fairey was trying to take in as much music as he could, and he made sure to catch sets from InterpolLordeEminem and Nas. "Nas performed at our space last night, which was the bomb!" he gushed.

Fairey, a DJ and fledgling producer himself (and friend to Crate Diggers!), was basically a kid in the candy store at Lolla, and he walked Fuse through the process behind his mixes.

"I love music," he said. "I love DJing. DJing is like the audio equivalent of what I do as an artist, when I'm figuring out all the different things I want to put together. It's relentless experimentation to get the right combination."

For more on Fairey's mission at Lolla and his forthcoming musical projects, press play above. Catching up on all the rad tunes and backstage chatter you missed in Chicago last weekend? Listen in on all our Lollapalooza 2014 coverage here.