August 4, 2014


The 1975: What A Karoake Mic And Patricia Arquette Have To Do With "Robbers"

When The 1975 stormed their stage at Lollapalooza in a flurry of chords and reverb, they were met with the glowing screens of a zillion iPhones—and they were totally okay with that. See, The 1975 have been playing to bigger and bigger stages as they continue to make rounds on the festival circuit in support of their 2013 self-titled LP, and they've come to terms with the fact that festival goers are big on watching shows through the screens of their smartphones these days.

"We're in an age where everything's filmed now, and it annoyed me for a bit," says Matthew Healey of The 1975. "I was like, 'I don't want everything to be documented!' I'm not perfect, our performances aren't perfect! I don't want to watch terrible videos of us back on YouTube! The cameras, you've just got to get over it. The thing that's annoying about it, is that ten years ago, when I started going to shows, you would never be annoyed at somebody for taking a photograph. You wouldn't be annoyed at someone for bringing a camera and taking a picture. It's the same thing now like when you're bored in a car. You won't have a thought. The second you're bored, you just take your phone out." It's a solid reminder to be present and enjoy the music, because hey, that's what you're there for!

Watch this Fuse exclusive to find out more about why The 1975 opted to record "Robbers" using a karaoke mic, how Patricia Arquette inspired that same hit from the record (sort of), when we'll hear some music from them and more.