August 2, 2014


Warpaint Endorse Jazzercise, Talk Aerobics At Lollapalooza

Warpaint is a busy band. Outside of their endless touring, the ladies have released two music videos simultaneously, mostly out of necessity. "We only had a couple days to make two videos. We recorded it faster and then the playback slows it down into real time," guitarist Emily Kokal explained. "So all the dancing and the continuous takes was like jazzercise. Aerobics!"

The videos follow the band's release of their self-titled album, one that has been met primarily positively. "Some things have been unexpected, the things people like about it. The places we've been able to go that we've never been before, it's kind of like experiencing a new level. It's refreshing," drummer Stella Mozgawa told Fuse.

Kokal takes it to another level adding, "Especially the album artwork! When you're younger and you buy an album—I remember I bought Bjork's Post without knowing who she was just because I was so attracted to that cover."

Do we know the feeling!

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