August 2, 2014


Portugal. The Man Get Kooky With Weird Al, Talk Tour & Sarah Palin

Fresh off a European tour with GrouplovePortugal. The Man are back stateside and they couldn't be more grateful for their experiences. "We got back from Europe a month ago. We got to hang out with some friends over there… man, we're so lucky to get to travel and do what we do," bassist Zachary Carothers told Fuse. "We grew up in a small town in Alaska and I never thought we'd get to do this. I love to travel and thought maybe I'd get to go to Europe once in my life. I get to go all the time!"

Not a bad life! Recently the band had the opportunity to perform with Weird Al, something Carothers doesn't take lightly. "I think we asked him to do something with us for years, Bonnaroo put it together. We love that dude. He's hilarious. He's an amazing musician. We got to play music with him. Definitely a bucket list check!"

The interview concludes with a Sarah Palin question... the guys are from Alaska after all! When asked if they think she would ever consider running for President, Portugal. The Man are quick to dismiss her, "I hope not! I thought she was just a reality TV star. She's still into politics?"

Good point!

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