August 13, 2014


Mayday Parade's Derek Sanders Recounts Going From Warped Tour Fan to Performer

In 2002, Derek Sanders hit his first Warped Tour. Now, he and his band Mayday Parade are Warped veterans, rising from just another band playing the tour in 2007 to snagging their first go at slaying the main stage in 2014's just-wrapped fest. Fuse caught up with the 28-year-old for a little punk summer camp nostalgia.

"In 2002, 12 years ago, the first time I went ... it was about two weeks after I had lung surgery," he tells Fuse's Katie Van Buren. "I was kind of in rough shape. I went with all my friends and a lot of the reason we came was to see New Found Glory. They played last and I wanted to get up close, so my friends made a circle around me so we could get up close and they were kind of protecting me. The whole thing was an incredible moment."

Now, he's watching fans lose their sh-t for him and his bandmates on the main stage. "The whole rise of it has been crazy," he reflects. "The first time we [played Warped] in 2007 was unbelievable, and now this is our first year doing the main stage, which is really incredible ... we followed it and sold CDs, then we played it and now we've kind of been rising up. It's great."

The Warped vet adds, "I've always said, I can't imagine a summer without Warped Tour at this point. I think it would be just an awful thing if it didn't happen anymore. It's become such a huge thing for so many people."

We're sure many Warped enthusiasts would 100% agree with the sentiment, even if they don't have a 12-year history with the fest. Watch the full interview above for more nostalgia and to hear when you can expect the next Mayday Parade album above.