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Pentatonix Give 'TMNT' Fans a Perfect Pizza Theme Song With "We Are Ninjas"

The famous a cappella group pay tribute to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, declaring their love for "a big ole greasy piece"

So, how does pizza sound for dinner? After watching the new video from Pentatonix, a slice will sound "totally tubular, dude." The super-famous a cappella group have crafted a perfect, pizza-themed theme song for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. 

Changing up their sound just a little bit, a pounding beat accompanies PTX's gooey harmonies and on-point rapping to pay tribute to the Turtles' signature fighting style: "Long before our day begins / what every hero needs / Is a big ole greasy piece." Yum.

The short-but-sweet clip of the original track shows the Pentatonix members leading an army of friends throughout a dark cityscape. Watch 'til the very end to watch the band tie on their ninja masks to signal a mission to fight crime (or the search for that slice they mentioned earlier).

With six million YouTube subscribers and a proven track record for making viral vids (PTX have 17 videos with more than 10 million views), "We Are Ninjas" is a brilliant way to drum up interest in the new TMNT flick in case Wiz Khalifa's "Shell Shocked" theme isn't your cup of tea. 

Watch above!

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