August 1, 2014


Sam Smith Puts Cinematic Spin on Cheating with "I'm Not The Only One" Video

It's a tale as old as time, really: beautiful, doting wife makes breakfast and smooches husband before he leaves for the day. Husband drives straight to a skeezy dive bar and meets up with his mistress. Husband and mistress bang. Wife goes crazy at home, mascara streaking down her face while she torches the majority of the sleaze ball's closet. Husband comes home to picture-perfect house, life and beaming wife as if the indiscretion never happened.

This is the scene set before us with Sam Smith's "I'm Not The Only One," a track that pairs devastating despair with the uplifting vocals that run rampant through Smith's In The Lonely Hour. Directed by frequent Smith collaborator Luke Monaghan, "I'm Not The Only One" details the painful discovery of someone realizing their beloved is lusting after another, and the video—which features Glee's Dianna Agron as our slighted, delirious damsel—is just as depressingly gorgeous as the song that inspired it.

Agron is a stunner here, and Monaghan succeeds in condensing a romantic melodrama worthy of the big screen into just a few perfect moments. Watch "I'm Not The Only One" in full above, but only if your heart can handle some serious infidelity.