August 6, 2014


Saves the Day Reveal The Inner Mechanics of Their Self-Titled Record

Saves the Day are Warped Tour veterans. While the heat of the traveling festival exhausts many young musicians, the New Jersey rock band embraces it. "We kind of just run with it," singer Chris Conley told Fuse. "We get the glistening look and just kind of roll. We like to play and there are people watching and it's a blast. Yesterday and today I saw people with strollers watching us. That's totally going down. I'm powerfully psyched." Sounds good!

STD recently released a self-titled record, their eighth full-length following a trilogy of albums, Sound the Alarm, Under the Boards and Daybreak. "Certain songs had come up while we were doing the trilogy and we set them aside," Conley explained. "There were ideas that were constantly coming as I was writing as well, so maybe one or two of the ideas were around for years, but a lot of them just kind of came out while I was jamming. That was it. I like to have a work environment where that can happen. I start working, turn on the faucet and let it flow."

Saves the Day was crowdfunded through a super successful Pledge Music campaign, due in large part to the band's fan incentives. "Our favorite thing that we got to do was play in people's backyards," he said. "We're coming to your house and we'd go into somebody's basement and play or in the kitchen around the island. Dennis [Wilson] would use kitchen utensils for drum sticks. We were playing until like two or three in the morning."

The cover of Saves the Day is a grapefruit, a fairly unusual visual for an emo band. "We were trying to think of an image that would suit the sounds," he said. "For some reason I had this neon grapefruit in my mind. I think it's probably symbolic of how life is a little bit sweet and a little bit bitter, but it's rad. It's really good for you."

That it is!

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