August 11, 2014


Watch Say Anything's Max Bemis Battle His Tormented Self in "Six Six Six"

If Say Anything's Max Bemis is known for anything, it's his crippling honesty. The pop-punk frontman has written albums on his battle with bipolar disorder, his distaste for hipsters and religion. Six Six Six plays to the latter, with Bemis calling himself "Satan" and sharing a desire to destroy God with his listeners. Heavy stuff!

The video for the song is equally as dismal. A tortured Bemis leaves his daughter at her grandma's house and takes an introspective stroll through nearby woods. It's dark. He's strung-out and runs into some interesting (and familiar) characters along the way. 

Watch the powerful vid above. Who knows? Maybe we'll get even more thought-provoking works inspired by Hebrews, Say Anything's just-released album, in the coming months.