August 12, 2014


American Authors: "We Slipped Love Notes Under Ryan Tedder's Door"

Since dropping their debut LP Oh, What a Life in March, American Authors have blown up airwaves with hits like "Best Day of My Life" and "Believer." Currently on tour with veteran band OneRepublic, the rockers already have quite a few road trip stories under their belts. 

Members Zac Barnett and Dave Rublin explained to Trending 10 host Dan Brown the story behind their Cincinnati Zoo selfies, one of their many roadside adventures. "The rhinos—that was the first Sumatran rhino that has entered American soil and stays at that zoo, so it's one of the rarest and most endangered rhinos in the entire world," Rublin said.

When they aren't riding rollercoasters at Cedar Point or hanging out with zoo animals, American Authors find time to hang out with OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder. The singer-songwriter, who has penned hits for numerous artists, apparently found notes slipped into his dressing room.

"We've talked to him a little bit about the songwriting; we've been slipping love notes under his dressing room door being like, 'Hey, man! You know, our tour bus is always open if you want to write or cuddle or whatever it is you want to do!'" Zac joked.

The pair also revealed a crucial piece of advice that Tedder shared with them, as well as their own childhood dreams that they wish could come true today.

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