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Exclusive Interview

G-Eazy Reveals His True Feelings For Taylor Swift

The Bay Area native–who's come a long way from passing out mixtapes to outselling acts like Phish and Ab-Soul–explains what his "wish list" really means

After selling over 90,000 copies of his debut album These Things Happen and hitting No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart, Oakland rapper G-Eazy has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. The 25-year-old emcee sat down with Fuse to chat about his impressive studio debut, transitioning from his mixtape days to sold-out tours, and being labeled for his retro look.

On outselling acts like PhishAb-Soul and Riff Raff, G-Eazy remembers how incredible the achievement had felt. "That's just the spirit of the Bay Area–it's very independent," he said, remembering his days selling tapes out of his car. "[The Billboard chart position] validates that I'm not so psycho. That I wasn't crazy this whole time, that I believed in something that was real and would eventually come true."

The "I Mean It" performer, who has worked with names like Rick Ross and A$AP Ferg, still surprises many with his clean cut, '50s-inspired look. Labeled the "James Dean of Hip Hop," G-Eazy explained his affinity for the styles of that era.

"I'm inspired by retro, Americana, mid-century–timeless [style]," he said. "Not something that's so in-and-out and loud and trendy, but something that's classic American. ... And that's how I treat my music; I don't wanna be a fad, I wanna be here forever."

He also has some choice words for Taylor Swift–check out the exclusive interview above. Then below watch him talk his latest album, When It's Dark Out.

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