August 27, 2014


Teenage Bottlerocket Chat About Becoming Warped Tour Fans & New EP

It's hard to believe that Teenage Bottlerocket have never played Warped Tour in their 13 years as a band, but all of that changed this summer!

The Wyoming punk mainstays met up with Katie Van Buren backstage to chat about their first ever summer with Warped, their new EP, American Deutsch Bag, road-testing new material on tour and the origin of their skull-and-rockets logo, which made its first appearance on their first full-length, 2003's Another Way. ("We didn't think the records would look the same after the first record ... and now we're stuck with it!" laughs drummer Brandon Carlisle.)

They also talked about holding a grudge against Warped Tour. Wait, what?! "Sometimes you just have to get past your stuff you're dealing with in your head, and live life and have fun," says bassist/vocalist Ray Carlisle, who used to be a Warped hater. (That's changed, obviously.) "I saw Against Me! at Warped Tour and they were awesome, but when you go, and there's one band that you like, it's long, it's hot ... Now, I see what it's about: you go and find new bands and you just enjoy yourself." 

For Ray, attitude is everything, and they've had a ball this summer as a result. "It's cool that we came into Warped Tour with a good attitude," he says. "We're going to have fun here. We're here to enjoy ourselves!"