August 20, 2014


The Ready Set: "Love Like Woe" Was Never Meant To Be The Hit

Jordan Witzigreuter—aka The Ready Set—is a huge fan of Warped Tour to begin with, but playing the fest in its twentieth year is a big deal considering how much of a pivotal experience it was for the alterna-pop dynamo when he came to check the tour out for the first time as a tween.

"It's amazing!" he tells Fuse's Katie Van Buren, when asked what it means for him to be a part of Warped's twentieth lineup. "I came to this tour when I was 13, 14-years-old. That was one of my first concert experiences. Getting to be a part of it any year—even more so when it's a big anniversary year—is really, really amazing, really flattering."

Fans will notice that Jordan's expanded his live show arrangement, as he's not the only one onstage anymore. The guys he's been working with have been in the Ready Set fray for years, and he loves hitting the road with a larger outfit. "I just want to make it like it's a bunch of friends on tour," he says. "I don't want it to feel like work for anybody. I just want it to feel like you're doing what you love and enjoying it."

Since dropping "Love Like Woe" in 2010, the smash song has racked up an impressive 20 million (!!!) views on YouTube and gotten stuck in the head of pretty much every fan who's come in contact with it. What's funny is that "Love Like Woe" was never intended to be the hit single of I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming, his sophomore release, and he never, ever expected the track to get this huge.

"I wrote it in my basement in two hours one night," he reveals. "It was funny: when I first put out that album, I was like, 'This shouldn't be the single.' I'm glad I was talked into that. I don't know what I was thinking ... it opened the door for me to do everything, basically. I got to do everything I ever wanted to do. All of my dream goals happened because of that. It opened the door for me to have an amazing fan base and to be able to come out and play ... and have 3,000, 4,000 people watching it."

An inspirational anecdote for sure. Check out the Fuse exclusive above to hear Jordan's thoughts on Iggy Azalea (huh?) and how he feels about Warped. For more of our chats at Warped Tour 2014, click here.