August 27, 2014


This Wild Life Reveal Why They Made The Transition To Acoustic Pop-Punk

Warped Tour is a playground for the loud and fast, but This Wild Life stand out on the Warped lineup because they prefer to strip things down and keep 'em unplugged, unlike the rest of their pop-punk contemporaries.

"It started with me playing one of our pop-punk songs acoustically, liking it, and then wanting to write some acoustic songs," says This Wild Life's Kevin Jordan, recalling the moment he and bandmate Anthony Del Grosso made the switch from straightforward punk to punk with poppier, acoustic leanings. "Our second EP [2012's Heart Flip] was half-acoustic, half-full band, and our new record [Clouded] is entirely acoustic, so it was kind of a gradual process. We just found that we enjoyed writing and playing those songs more, and thought they were better suited to my voice."

Touring in support of Clouded, their first album with Epitaph Records, Kevin and Anthony have been totally loving the Warped life, though it hasn't been without its challenges. "Everyone told us it was going to be a ton of fun and harder than anything we've ever done, and I think they undersold it!" Kevin laughs. "It's the hardest thing of all time, and it's super, super fun."

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