AJR Reveal Details Behind Their Twitter Exchange with Sia

One minute, the brothers of AJR were tweeting out their song cover to Sia, and the next—they were heading to the veteran songwriter's hotel for brunch. Oh, the power of social media.

"When we saw the tweet from Sia, we honestly didn't know what to do," Adam Met said, recalling the Australian star's November 2012 tweet. "We were new to Twitter at the time, so we retweeted what she tweeted at us, and then, actually, she DM-d us and invited us to her hotel to have brunch with her. She walks out of her hotel singing 'I'm Ready' before we even meet her. It was just the craziest experience hearing somebody with a voice like that and a writing talent like that singing our song."

The band revealed that it was even crazier how member Ryan had planned to cover and tweet numerous artists over the course of a month, and Sia had responded on the very first attempt.