August 4, 2014


Bleachers' Jack Antonoff Reveals the Last Song He Cried To

Since debuting Bleachers last May, frontman Jack Antonoff has climbed the charts with his band's first single, "I Wanna Get Better." Sitting down with Top 20 Countdown host Katie Van Buren, the singer discusses how the concepts of honesty and personal connection inspired Bleachers' debut album, Strange Desire.

"I really believe in being very personal and not holding things back," Antonoff explains. "I grew up on and still listen to a lot of albums where other people's lyrics meant so much to me, and I got so much from it."

He specifically names The Mountain Goats' album The Sunset Tree as one that strongly influenced the songwriting behind Strange Desire, an album that he hopes tells personal stories while still remaining relatable to its listeners. Robyn's "Hang With Me," which also struck a chord with Antonoff, is what he considers an example of "the greatest kind of music in the world"—a song that fans can cry and dance to.

As for the last song that made Antonoff cry, think '90s R.E.M..

Switching gears a bit, Antonoff reveals that he's on board with Orange is the New Black, whose cast member Kimiko Glenn is featured in the "I Wanna Get Better" video. But while he's a fan of the show, can he survive in prison himself?

Obviously, he'd need the perfect cellmate who can both protect and inspire him in extreme conditions. And Dolly Parton, Jack Antonoff finds you super inspiring and hardcore.

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