August 11, 2014


The Cast of 'Into the Storm' Read Lines While Being Hit with Debris

Reciting lines from a script seems demanding in itself, so imagine doing that while being smacked in the head with flying debris.

Actors Max Deacon, Alycia Debnam-Carey and Nathan Kress from the newly released action-thriller Into the Storm are all too familiar with surviving tornado destruction, and they revealed to Top 20 Countdown just how real things had gotten on set. A story of a small town's community coming together to overcome the "worst tornado ever," Into the Storm required its cast to be "in the moment" as much as possible—cue the falling objects.

"The whole point was that we would get hit all the time," Kress said. "It was great because it kept us so in the moment, and it was real. That's the kind of thing that would happen if you were facing a tornado in real life. It was difficult because we had to say lines and do our stage direction during that time, but it made it incredibly real because we were actually having to fight through that."

To continue the theme of bridging the film and reality, host Katie Van Buren asked all three actors to pick their most prized music possession to snatch in 60 seconds in a tornado situation. Between Deacon, Debnam-Carey and Kress, two went with physical albums that were each significant in different ways, while one admitted to loving the '04 "vintage" iPod a little too much.

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