August 18, 2014


MKTO Know 'The Carter' Documentary Word for Word

After dropping their breakout hit "Classic," MKTO have carved out names for themselves as radio-friendly performers boasting an eclectic fusion of pop, hip hop and retro R&B. The LA-based duo stopped by Top 20 Countdown to chat about their latest single, "American Dream," and the many artists who have influenced them since their college days.

While "American Dream" references classic names like Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp, MKTO listed Ray CharlesMichael Jackson and Stevie Wonder as other legends who have greatly changed the face of American music. Unexpectedly, vocalist Tony Oller threw Lil Wayne into the mix while discussing the pair's early influences, revealing that he's pretty well versed on the subject of Weezy.

"We would literally spend our days watching The Carter documentary and getting beats off different websites, and then just putting them on there. We'll listen back to it and be like, '...What were we doing?!'" he recalled.

Considering how long Oller and Malcolm David Kelley have known each other, there's bound to be a pet peeve or two between them, right?

 "You're always gonna have tensions. It's how you handle it and how you continue to grow as friends. And we've known each other for so long, we just know how to work with each other," Oller explained. "I feel like when he's on his game, I have something that I'm doing wrong, and when I'm on my game, he has something he's doing wrong."

Oh, but Kelley still wanted everyone to know that his bandmate has his flaws—"Sometimes, you slack off a little bit!"

Check out the exclusive interview, and don't miss MKTO on this week's episode of Top 20 Countdown Tuesday at 9/8c! Find Fuse in your area.