August 13, 2014


Which Rapper Does T. Mills Make "Foggy Memories" With?

After dominating another week of Countdown Showdown with his "All I Wanna Do" video, T. Mills stopped by Top 20 Countdown to show some love for his dedicated fans. Declaring "I love you!" to the camera, the 25-year-old rapper clearly appreciates everyone who has continued to vote for him week after week.

In the spirit of Twitter exchanges and building relationships with fans, T. Mills revealed to host Katie Van Buren the artist who caused him to "freak out" on social media—Wiz Khalifa.

"We went out a couple times and documented our experiences...and then waking up the next morning with a foggy memory of what happened last night and going on Instagram and being like, 'That happened last night! I was with Wiz last night!'"

The California native also dished on the best party he's ever attended, which happens to be the set of his own music video! Explaining that "All I Wanna Do" required renting 10 hotel rooms at the landmark Madonna Inn, he and the video's cast and crew threw an actual party that caused them to be thrown out of the hotel.

And a really awesome music video was born.

Check out the exclusive interview, and be sure to cast your votes in this week's Countdown Showdown battle! Catch new episodes of Top 20 Countdown Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fuse.