August 6, 2014


Real Friends Almost Ditched Band Practice To Watch 'Katy Perry: Part of Me'

When it came time to name their debut album, Real Friends definitely went the go-big-or-go-home route and gave it a long, thought-provoking moniker: Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing. Backstage at Warped Tour, Real Friends' Kyle Fasel and Dan Lambton opened up to Fuse's Katie Van Buren about the title of their first full-length.

"We spend a lot of time away, now that [we've been] a full-time touring band for the past year, it's just, you kind of leave, and then ... home doesn't pause," says Lambton, Real Friends' resident vocal champ. "It's still going on. We don't grow with where we're from. We're growing independently from that. So then coming back, we're different from that place. Nothing ever changed there; it's just that we left." 

What has changed is their newfound appreciation for (Warped alum!) Katy Perry. When we brought up this tweet of theirs that gushes about nearly ditching practice to watch Katy Perry: Part of Me, the guys laughed. "We watched the Katy Perry documentary when we were on tour in the UK, and I thought it was pretty good!" says Fasel. "I just wanted to watch it again." We can't disagree with that!

Listen to "I Don't Love You Anymore" off of Real Friends' debut, and stay tuned for more backstage coverage from Warped Tour 2014.