August 26, 2014


Watch Weird Al's Awesome Medley of Emmy-Nominated TV Show Themes

"Weird Al" Yankovic has been everywhere this year, huh? The guy even had a No. 1 record! Last night the parody prodigy surprised and delighted at the 2014 Emmys, performing a medley of popular theme songs.

He launched into Mad Men, making up words along the way, "Mad Men / Ad Men / Watch these Ad Men do their thinking / While they're stinking drunk." He moved through Scandal, and then Homeland: "Making out with terrorists / Beautiful woman / Ugly crying." Pretty accurate! 

Al speed through Modern Family and launched into Game of Thrones, "Here come dragons galore and some boobs / Okay, to be fair there's way more boobs." At this point Andy Samberg joins the comedian, decked out in medieval attire. The song concluded with Weird Al begging writer George R.R. Martin to finish his books faster (spoiler: he has a stage hand give the author a typerwriter).

Watch the hilarious clip above!