August 7, 2014


Watch Wiz Khalifa, Nick Cannon, Megan Fox & Jimmy Fallon Try to Play Pictionary

Celebrities: they're just like us! They're not that great at Pictionary, either.

Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host recruited Wiz KhalifaNick Cannon and Megan Fox for a hilarious rendition of the beloved family-friendly game. 

Watch as the stars move through three rounds, guessing almost entirely wrong answers to every drawing. Wiz initially looks like he might be a secret Pictionary pro when he guessed a tough drawing in 18 seconds flat. But the "Promises" MC's drawing skills leave much to be desired—a necessary skill in Pictionary.

Peep the full game above and try not to LOL below over Wiz's horrifying sketch of a dog.

In somewhat related news, an arrest warrant is out for Khalifa after he skipped a West Texas court date on a marijuana possession charge. Maybe the dude just really, really wanted to play Pictionary on national television?