August 6, 2014


Check Out Wiz Khalifa's Sensitive & Slow "Promises" Video

Earlier this week we shared "Promises," the latest single from Wiz Khalifa's upcoming album Blacc Hollywood. The track is a slow-burning ballad, song that's half serenade, half sex anthem. What else would you expect?

Today the Pittsburgh rapper shared the video for the song, a slow-motion clip of Wiz and his lady companion. That's right: the guy actually stalls time to really maximize this glimpse at his sensitive side.

"Promises" shows Khalifa and his significant other wandering around an urban basketball court, caressing each other and engaging in some seriously smitten PDA. They hold hands, they sit close in a Jeep, they smile with their eyes. The whole thing is pretty adorable, so watch "Promises" for a case of the warm n' fuzzies!