August 28, 2014


Zola Jesus' "Dangerous Days" Is Just As Enthralling As Its Gorgeous Video

It's one thing to love a song for it's euphoric, optimistic vibes and throw it on repeat for making you feel the good kind of chills. It's another when said song is met with an equally gorgeous video that puts the singer in question through a number of surreal landscapes, highlighting her ability to pull off unexpected choices in both her music and its visual counterparts.

Enter Zola Jesus with "Dangerous Days." Zola Jesus—aka Nika Roza Danilova—traverses a river, delves into a deep forest and then heads into a ... computer? Things get digitized real quick, but the nature/technology juxtaposition totally works and serves as a perfect foil for her next single. 

Maybe this is all an allegory for Myst? (Man, remember MYST?!) Who knows. Either way, we're into it and looking forward to the rest of her record. "Dangerous Days" is off Zola Jesus' TAIGA, which drops October 7.