September 10, 2014


Britney Spears Signs Up For Tinder On 'The Tonight Show'

Tinder: it's either a mortifying social experiment that involves sexy texts with strangers or a successful foray into online dating and, ultimately, true love. We don't know if the app is necessary when it comes to dating for pop stars, but hey, Britney Spears is about to find out!

Jimmy Fallon set the singer up with a Tinder account shortly before she made a surprise appearance at The Tonight Show last night. Her bio on her Tinder profile courtesy of Fallon? "This better work, bitch." (Brit's facial expression in response to this is priceless.)

For the Pros & Cons segment of the show, they went through the various perks and pitfalls that come with dating the performer. The newly single Spears is a catch, obviously, but there are some unexpected cons that could arise once Britney becomes your bae, and they did a pretty goofy job of spelling them out (and threw some googly eyes towards The Roots in the process). 

Check out the hilarious segment above. Also, thanks, Fallon, for burning the image of you sporting Britney's new lingerie into your audience's brain.