September 10, 2014


Sia's "Chandelier" Lyric Vid Inspired Bush's Video for "The Only Way Out"

Bush have just released their latest single, "The Only Way Out," and Gavin Rossdale's got big plans for its video counterparts: its full-on music vid will see a bit of a Hitchcockian vibe, shot all in one take. Meanwhile, the lyric video has been crafted by the folks who brought you "Sia's video," and we're pretty sure he's talking about the epic "Chandelier."

"I was really impressed by it," Rossdale told Fuse, recalling his reaction to "Chandelier" and seeking out its director, Scantron, for their yet-to-be-released vid. "I said, 'That's so good!' And then we got that same guy, that same team, and they've done an amazing video."

"The Only Way Out" will feature some sprawling urban landscapes, and Rossdale's particularly excited about the sky-high scope of the project. "They had all these drone cameras, and they shot all these really big cityscapes from way high up in the sky. They'd written the words on the streets. I don't want to give it away or spoil it, but it's really, really good."

As for the song itself, Rossdale took the "less is more" approach and focused on keeping things simple throughout the songwriting process. "It's a really weird song because it's a really straightforward song," he said. "I always set myself a challenge, what to do in the studio that day, and I just wanted to try something really simple: don't try and embellish, don't try and be difficult, and don't try and be complex ... ['The Only Way Out'] lurked in the background, maybe as a contender to be the single. It's got all the bits you need to make a song work."

Catch Rossdale's exclusive Fuse interview above, and stay tuned for more from Bush's forthcoming album and the soon-to-be stunning videos for "The Only Way Out."