September 16, 2014


Chris Brown Returns To His Roots With 'X,' Talks Touring with Trey Songz

Move over, Ed SheeranChris Brown stole your album title! The R&B singer has a very specific reason for naming his sixth studio record X. "X is basically celebrating the ten years that I've been able to be successful in this game. [In] Roman numerals, ten is 'X,' so I was just like, 'You know what? What defines what I'm going through in my life, what I'm trying to transition... be an adult and at the same time still keep the youthfulness that I've had."

The album is heavy with A-list collaborations, also feeding into Brown's vision. "When I first came out it was more classic R&B, straight R&B that put me into the realm of being able to transition with pop and all these different genres of music. [I've] got Usher on there, R. KellyTrey SongzBrandyJhené Aiko, we got Kendrick [Lamar] on the album, got Rick Ross," the singer told Fuse. "Kendrick, you know, he gave me probably one of the best verses I've heard in a while on a song I got called 'Autumn Leaves.' I wanted to really just have those kind of people who I felt were inspirations to me even now or from the past."

Brown is about to hit the road with X collaborator Songz and couldn't be more stoked. "Right now we're in the process of getting everything focused for the actual production and how we're going to bring light to both R&B acts that do two different kind of stage shows, you know what I'm saying?" he continued. "We also just wanted to do something for our core audience because I know there hasn't been a real, young R&B tour. Two real friends who have been friends since the genesis, before we were doing music. Being able to see ourselves and our careers now, at the level we are, is great."

With X, Chris Brown is dedicated to getting out of his comfort zone. "Because I was early on EDM and all the other kind of facets and genres of music...I think the body of work that I made was the equivalent of how to master it. You feel what I'm saying? I think when it comes to, like, if I was going to do something with an EDM kind of feel, mix it with a little trap," he explained. "It gives it a different vibe but also still is able to give a strong message with the lyrics. Even with my slow songs I wanted it to be fully R&B so when all ages listen to it they go, 'I like this type of music.' I think this body of work is great for the fans to be able to see me and understand 'That's the one thing we can't take away from him' is the music. With this album, man, I'm just trying to be the best."

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