September 18, 2014


Echosmith Discuss Their New "Cool Kids" Video, Being Featured At Apple Keynote

By now you're familiar with "Cool Kids," the unstoppable individualist anthem from up-and-comers Echosmith. The pop hit has been making the rounds for a while now but when it really started to pick up momentum, the band decided to film a second music video. "We wanted to do a new one because we look so different, but also because the song has made so much progress that we felt like it," frontwoman Sydney Sierota told Fuse. "‘Why not? Do another one!’ And see where that would take us story-wise and just performance-wise, because so much has changed for this band in the past year and a half. It’s not like looking at your old school picture or something and, like, cringing."

The song is so popular, in fact, it got the attention of Apple, who used "Cool Kids" in their recent keynote. "We were on an airplane all day during the Apple keynote and we landed, finally, at like 9:30 at night and we got all these tweets saying that our song was in it. They used our song and the picture of our song and stuff in the screenshot for the iWatch," Sierota stated. "And also my iPhone 5 is completely broken so I’m thinking ‘They used it, where’s my iPhone 6 and my iWatch?!’ But besides that I thought it was really cool. It was a fun little surprise to come home to."

That's not all! Earlier this year the band made their television debut and they're totally grateful for it. "Playing the Today show and Conan was amazing for us because they’re both first for our late night TV or morning TV [appearances], and we love Conan. We love watching him. He’s so funny and he’s so tall, which is so crazy!" Sierota joked. "We felt really great about both performances and we were really happy that those were our first ones."

With all their recent success, what's in store for Echosmith? "As a band, you want to stick true to who you are, but at the same time I think it’s really important to really work on trying new things and try to be a little bit different from your previous album or whatever else you’re putting out," the singer continued. "I think there’s definitely a balance of that, and that’s what we’ll do in the future when we do do a new album, which won’t be for a while."

Watch the extensive, two-part interview above!