September 25, 2014


Watch Ellen Get To The Bottom Of André 3000's Mysterious Suits

Ellen Degeneres like, really loves André 3000. Truly, deeply! The television host found a pretty fun way to express her admiration by giving the guy a suit, but not just any suit. The rapper is now notorious for rocking a black jumpsuit on OutKast's twentieth anniversary tour, a fact Degeneres was quick to pick up on yesterday afternoon's episode of Ellen.

"Let's take a look at some of these jumpsuits," she began, scrolling through some of André's tour uniforms. "They all have message that you're wearing, which is pretty cool. You're advertising different things." The pair look to a few positive examples like "big girls are beautiful to me," "can one rest in peace & violence?" and "my dad had cool albums."

Ellen continued, "I thought next time you go out on tour, I'd give you something to wear," breaking out a black jumpsuit that reads, "ellen loves this guy." Adorable!

Watch the segment above.