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September 24, 2014


Gavin Rossdale Opens Up About His Writing Process & 'Man on the Run'

It's been 20 years since Bush broke out on the grunge scene with Sixteen Stone, the record that gave us everyone's favorite break-up mix tape special, "Glycerine," and Gavin Rossdale's signature, tortured bellows. Since then, Bush has dropped five albums, with their sixth, Man on the Run, scheduled for an October 21 release.

"I'm really excited about [Man on the Run]," Rossdale told Fuse. "We spent the last few months making it. It's a really cool record with typical Bush songs, but with pawn shop guitars, garage electronics and vintage drums, technology that's made to sound sort of twisted, old and used."

The instrumentation isn't the only change-up the band embraced when it came to preparing for this latest effort. 

"It's really different from how it was when I began," Rossdale said, reflecting on the evolution his writing process. "When I first began, I'd write the songs for Sixteen Stone on an acoustic guitar with a drum machine, a really bare drum beat, and then go and discuss it and make a demo with Nigel, our guitar player then. Now, I have a really cool studio, where I can make tracks, and it's more like, you can get a complete sound going on your own. You can use Garage Band and get amazing results. I have a studio and an engineer, and I basically make tracks. That's how I like to work [now], to build the songs up from there. I didn't write any stuff on the acoustic guitar. No folk music on this one!"

For Rossdale's thoughts on Man on the Run, the story behind its title, working with famed metal producer Nick Raskulinecz and more, check out this Fuse exclusive above.