Gavin Rossdale Doesn't Think He'd Get Very Far on 'The Voice'

Despite his super successful career and his incredible set of pipes, Gavin Rossdale of Bush doesn't think he'd make the cut if he were to meet the judges in the red spinny chairs as a newbie on The Voice. Advancing on The Voice takes more than just raw talent, and the work ethic of its contestants in particular isn't lost on Rossdale.

"They're just really, really good singers!" he told Fuse, referring to the talent he got to meet while making a guest appearance on the first episode of the show's new season. "I came from a different school of slaying it through the clubs and playing shows like that and learning it in that way. They're all such really good singers. I doubt I would've got anywhere on that show. The way that I think about it, none of them sing that good without having worked on it in their houses for many, many years. No one just gets up one day and goes, 'Oh, I've found my voice!' I don't have any problems with how things are moving. Some people get really upset by those shows. Certain musicians can't believe it's so easy. It's just the way it is. It doesn't bother me. Maybe I just flatline it too much, but it doesn't bother me."