September 25, 2014


Hilary Duff Tracks Down Love in "All About You" Video

For a song that's totally folky from the start, Hilary Duff's new music video for "All About You" is a little less country and a lot more rock 'n' roll romance.

In the gorgeously shot vid, the Duffster and friends spend the majority of their time dancing their faces off and chasing after a mysterious guy that our heroine fell head over heels for in a diner. After using her phone—nice Amazon plug there, Hil—to snap a covert shot of the cute guy next to her in the restaurant, Hilary notices that Mystery Crush dropped the record he was carrying around.

She picks it up, heads to dance practice, shows the pic of the guy and the record to her girls, and the whole crew heads out in search of the dude, who they ultimately find at the chillest of river raves.

Does it turn out to be love at first sight for Hil? Let's just say she hands the vinyl off to its rightful owner and that this could be the beginning of a beautiful...something. (Good luck explaining that whole "Hi I took your picture when I was sitting behind you in a restaurant and tracked you down with my phone!" thing, though, but Mystery Crush seems to be into it.)

"All About You" is off Hilary's forthcoming record, and we're still waiting on details about its release date and title. While you're waiting for record news to drop, throw on "All About You" (and her comeback single, "Chasing The Sun")—and bust out some of Hil's creative choreography while you're at it.