September 12, 2014


Jack White's "Would You Fight For My Love?" Video Came Together In 24 Hours

For someone who's put so much thought and care into the image and presentation of both his public persona and label, it's amazing that Jack White even agreed to make a music video from concept to completion in 24 hours. What's even more unbelievable? IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.

White's latest production for "Would You Fight For My Love?" begins with the Third Man prez drinking in an eerie, blue-washed bar. Sporting a stunning vintage suit (and a rad new haircut!), he looks imploringly into the camera before a sultry, septum piercing-sporting siren in the background starts to sing along with his moody refrains.

Next thing you know, the creepy scene erupts as the lights start to flash and White finds himself freaking out before the jukebox. The siren eventually sidles up alongside him at the bar, but before long, White's back where he started, fingering the rim of an empty glass alone.

"Would You Fight For My Love?" was directed by Robert Hales, the genius behind Gnarls Barkley's award-winning "Crazy" video and OneRepublic's "Apologize," and shot in the Art Deco-tastic Cruise Room at Denver's Oxford Hotel. Given how White's already recorded and pressed the world's fastest record, this speedy music video success is just par for the course.

"Would You Fight For My Love?" is off White's Lazaretto. White continues to tour behind his latest solo full-length and will continue to do so stateside through October 15 before heading to Mexico and Europe.