September 19, 2014


Watch Lady Gaga Hang Out With Model Babes in Her Sultry Perfume Commercial

Lady Gaga almost stopped making music this year. At South By Southwest, the pop star told John Norris she'd quit the industry altogether if she didn't receive love and support from the business. Who wants to be involved in a world where you can't be yourself? It wasn't until she teamed up with jazz icon Tony Bennett for an unlikely and unusual collaborative album that she felt dedicated to pop, happy to continue onward.

It's a good thing she did, because then she wouldn't get to do cool stuff like release a new perfume! Eau de Gaga is the singer's latest scent and the commercial is sexxxxxxxy.

In the black and white video, Gaga gets hot and heavy with a few nude male models, caressing their bodies and her own. TB and LG score the commercial, professional boxers make an appearance for some reason and Gaga's laser stare never veers from the camera. Super steamy.

Watch the Eau de Gaga pièce de résistance above!