September 29, 2014


Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo Get Naked, Soaked in Blood in New Maroon 5 Video

Maroon 5's new single is "Animals," so Adam Levine is revealing his animalistic bed.

For the rock-pop band's new video, the frontman plays an eccentric butcher with a habit of hanging inside meat lockers. He becomes obsessed with a girl that walks into his deli, even thought the gal—played by Levine's real-life wife (and supermodel) Behati Prinsloo—rejects the singer's advances the entire video. Still, that doesn't stop Levine from dreaming up a steamy fantasy with the couple squeezing each other's naked bods in bed. The sequence gets a meaty twist when the pair gets drenched in blood mid-makeout giving us major True Blood vibes.

The other Maroon 5 members are there too! Look out for the guys performing onstage in the club that Levine stalks Prinsloo inside. 

Levine starred in Maroon 5's "Maps" video that had a somewhat twisted story line centered around him and a hot girl. "Animals" is more or less the same idea, just a lot steamier and all the best ways possible. Yeah, this vid should break past the 40 million views "Maps" earned in no time.