September 18, 2014


Watch Meghan Trainor's Unplugged Take On Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"

Rarely do you have one pop star covering the hit of another while duking it out for the top spot on the charts. Given how positive and proactive Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor are, we're totally not surprised that one gal is complimenting the other's track by covering it!

Between the two of them, their huge hits of the moment—Taylor's "Shake It Off" and Meghan's "All About That Bass"—are both super motivational songs that build up your self-esteem like whoa. Meghan tried her hand at "Shake It Off" in a session for 2DayFM's The Dan and Maz Show, giving the Top 40 smash a low-key, unplugged spin complete with the strumming of a ukulele.

It's a huge contrast to the bold, brassy production that Taylor premiered via livestream last month. Meghan even throws in a shoutout to Taylor before adding a rap verse of her own: "So, Taylor, shake 'em off / Don't let 'em get to ya! / Go ahead and dance like there ain't nobody watchin' ya."

Sounds like a sentiment we can get behind! Watch Meghan's take on "Shake It Off" above.