September 3, 2014


Watch This Heavy Metal Bro Shred In Inappropriate Places

Earlier this year we reported on a death metal band that performed in a cramped, airtight, soundproofed box until they ran out of oxygen. That might be the most unlikely place to hear impossibly quick and intricate guitar solos, but it's definitely not the only one.

Youtuber and metalhead Rob Scallon, the same man who covered Slayer's "Raining Blood" on banjo, has shared a new shredtastic clip. He plays an original metal composition basically everywhere you're not supposed to perform music.

Taking his guitar chops with him, the metal maestro performs in a library, in the shower, on a tennis court, down a slide and at the dentist's, even while he's showing off his pearly whites and getting them cleaned!

Watch the soon-to-be viral clip above. Plus, we've actually interviewed Scallon before! Below, check out Fuse's sit down with the guitarist originally done at a YouTube convention back in April 2013.