September 9, 2014


Check Out This Muppet Mashup Of Pharrell Williams & Miley Cyrus' "Come Get It Bae"

Muppets and music go hand in hand. Remember Ed Sheeran's Sesame Street-approved "Sing" video? Or Lady Gaga's Thanksgiving special with the critters? Earlier this year YouTube user isthishowyougoviral made a Muppet mashup of the Beastie Boys"So What'cha Want," perfectly syncing their mouth movements to the track. 

He's done it again, this time with Pharrell Williams"Come Get It Bae" featuring Miley Cyrus.

Miss Peggy plays the role of Miley while Grover embodies Pharrell, giant hat and all. It's a pretty adorable (and impressive!) clip, and it's made an already catchy-as-hell song even more of a necessary listen.

Watch the soon-to-be viral vid above!