September 24, 2014


Watch This Incredible Music Video Filmed on 14 Different Apple Device Screens

Picture this: you're in an obscure indie rock band. You want your group to do as well as possible, you want to grab the attention of potential fans from all walks of life. How do you do it? With the internet's help, of course!

Ukraine's Brunettes Shoot Blondes took the matter into their own hands. Using 14 different Apple devices, the band recorded a now-viral animated short in just one take. The black and white video tells the tale of unrequited lust, a rabbit man chasing his heart's desire over a series of iPhone, iPad and Macbook screens. Don't worry, folks! True love wins out in the end.

According to Neowin, Brunettes Shoot Blondes used a studio that specializes in 2D and 3D animation called SYT-X to create the clip. After developing each individual scene, the group loaded them onto the devices separately, moving them around to reflect the story's narrative. It's totally impressive! Maybe Apple will give them a deal? Here's hoping they have better luck than 5 Seconds of Summer did with brands...