September 24, 2014


Nick Jonas: "Jealous" Is Inspired By Real Experience With Girlfriend Olivia Culpo

With his ultra-enviable falsetto (listen to "Jealous" below), physique (hello!) and girlfriend (Olivia Culpo, aka Miss Universe 2012), it's hard to imagine that Nick Jonas is jealous of anyone other than, well, himself. But the JoBro tells us that his slick new single "Jealous" came from an experience with Culpo.

"We were out somewhere and someone was staring at [Culpo] for a little bit too long," the "Chains" singer recalls. "It was uncomfortably long. I kind of got in my head about it for a moment. That's been the really interesting thing about this song and whole idea of jealousy: It's not the best character trait, but it's a very human thing. I think it happens to everybody at different moments. I'm in a very happy relationship and it was all in my head. That's what I pulled from this experience and the song."

The 22-year-old also waxed on the inspiration for the single's abstract video, which was crafted by Peter Tunney and features works by the legendary New York artist.

"I had Peter Tunney direct the video because he is such an incredible visual artist and someone who brought so much life and experience to the whole concept of the video," Nick adds. "It could have been taken very linear and just been my experience with it, but I wanted to open it up, make it a more broad thing, so lots of people could connect and open the conversation about what jealousy means."

Watch the full interview above for more on "Jealous" and the video, then watch the full pop art-inspired visual below!