September 3, 2014


Check Out Paramore's Official Live Video For Powerful Track "Last Hope"

Earlier this year Paramore dedicated the heartfelt "Last Hope" to the late comedian Robin Williams. Front woman Hayley Williams prefaced it with a powerful anecdote, describing the song as one that came out of her band's lowest point. 

"We had been in this place where we weren't content or fulfilled anymore," she explained. "Then this song happened, and a light came on. It was amazing how much I realized that I was a part of something ... that we, the three of us, were a part of something."

The sentiment extends to the official video, a simple, striking documentation of their performance of "Last Hope" live.

Paramore filmed the clip at the Chicago July date of their massive co-headlining tour with Fall Out Boy. It manages to channel the energy of the band's set while Williams sits solemnly at a synthesizer. Powerful stuff!

Watch the video above.