September 25, 2014


Slash Details The Creation of New Album 'World on Fire'

It's encouraging that Slash, one of the most iconic living rock gods, has a guitar within reach at all times in case his muses show up. He's moved to write constantly while he's on the road, and the fact that there's an instrument waiting for him pretty much, well, everywhere totally helps when an idea hits him and he needs to work out a chord or lyric right away.

"I always have a guitar with me when I'm on the road," he told Fuse in this exclusive interview. "In the dressing room, on the bus or in my hotel rooms, I'm usually playing guitar. I record into my phone; it's the quickest way to do it. Whenever I have a good idea, I just log it. When the tour's over, I go back and listen to everything. A lot of these ideas I've retained anyway, but I go back and see what I like. If there's any gems on there ... I fine-tune the songs and rehearse them until we know them well enough to go into the studio and be able to bang them out really quickly."

That's how it went down on World on Fire. Slash's third solo record, which was released on September 10, embodies all the chaos and intensity the title suggests.

"It's a cool record," he said. "I love the way it sounds. I had a great time making it with the guys. It came together really quickly ... people seem to be really surprised that there are 17 tracks on the record. I always end up writing a lot of material. You get really into it. As long as you think it's good, you put it on there. It's a very diverse, hard rock record."

For more on the title track, World on Fire's cover art and what makes for a lame and non-lame music video according to Slash, check out the interview in full above.