September 12, 2014


Check Out Slipknot's Nightmarish & New Masks in "The Devil In I" Video

Earlier this year Slipknot shared "The Negative Space," their first new track since 2008's All Hope Is Gone. The reason for the delay was pretty understandable: In 2010, bassist Paul Gray passed away following an accidental morphine overdose, and last year drummer Joey Jordinson quit the band citing "personal differences." Not exactly the best environment for making new music.

Today the band released the video for their latest single, "The Devil In I," a gory affair with an important detail: the guys have new masks! Even more surprising? The new bassist and drummer have identical disguises...and we still don't know who they are.

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor told Full Metal Jackie about the new costuming, "We wanted to make something that still looked unified but still stayed with the spirit of what the band is all about. Instead of trying to find something that was individualistic, we designed—well, Clown designed a mask that the drummer and the bass player will both wear. On one hand they get a mask but at the same time, it’s not the individual mask that we in the band use," he explained. 

"We knew that any attempt to do anything like that might be taken as disrespectful, but at the same time it’s part of the way of moving, getting past the hardest steps, which is just moving on. So, we decided that we would come up with a mask that works for both the bassist and the drummer and that’s what they’ll wear on stage.”

"The Devil In I" appears on .5: The Gray Chapter, the band's forthcoming record which drops October 21 via Roadrunner Records. Watch the video above!